A Moment in Melbourne

Nothing feeds the soul like a weekend away to a new destination. This weekend I took great pleasure in exploring the weird and wonderful city of Melbourne, Australia. 

Given the time of year, I had anticipated the bone chill of the Melbourne winter - grey skies and plenty of rain. However — there was nothing but blue skies and only a slight chill to the air. 

 The little Europe of Australia carries with it an abundance of art, culture, food and beautiful architecture. Whenever I have spoken to friends about their experience, I see a certain twinkle in their eye and they gush about their wonderful experience.

Given the amazing experience I've had over the weekend, I wanted to share a couple of places that took my breath away. . .

The first stop on the trip was Grub Fitzroy. Heavens, what a way to begin! This place was as Melbournian as they come. Hidden in one of Fitzroy’s alleyways, I was met by an original air stream van out front. 


  As I entered, I was whisked away into an  eclectic display of doll heads, plants hanging from the ceilings and a rug covered floor. The menu boasted inspired plates, which are changed regularly. I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast of oatmeal with rhubarb compote - garnished with flowers! Melbourne loves the little touches. What an experience, I definitely recommend Grub Fitzroy!

I had the pleasure of meeting new faces in places that would be described as quintessentially Melbournian. Shops along Johnston street, Fitzroy boasted shops with well curated recycled clothing and art galleries. It wasn’t long until I came upon Perfect Match Boutique - 


As I peered in, I saw a darling little Maltese dog by the name of Jay. As I had a look through the selection of old school Levi’s and doc martens, I noticed that there were no tags on the clothes. Why did they do this? I asked myself. I soon realised when I was met by bubbly assistant Lisa that Melbournian’s love to chat! I left with a pair of blue Levi’s and designer creepers for $100 and a big smile on my face. If you use Instagram, I recommend following @perfectmatchboutique so you can check out their latest finds! If you live in Sydney and you want a similar experience, we have Echoes boutique at the back of our store!

If you have the time, I recommend the Salvo’s in Abbotsford. Never have I come across a better curated op shop. It makes sense for Melbournian op shops to have great finds since they dress so well!

Just as exciting as the infamous vintage stores in this city is the abundance of art. Before you check out any of the larger galleries, I recommend visiting Brunswick Street Gallery in Fitzroy. By doing this, you will experience Melbournian art at the grassroots level.

  The staff are warm and approachable and the art is excellently curated, with a diverse range of mediums. I left feeling enriched by my experience and brimming with excitement over the talent I saw. 

 I can't finish this blog without mentioning the MoMA exhibition at the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria). Having just opened early June, and running until 7th October. I was brimming with excitement! The curation of MoMA held promise some of the most iconic art in modern history delivered from the prestigious New York gallery. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, I ran my fingers along the water feature wall at the entrance and in I ventured...



Well curated indeed, the exhibition layout followed along a chronological timeline from the early 20th century period right up until today. Although busy, we were able to explore and get up close to the works I had only seen books. Someone pick my jaw up from the floor! Dali, Picasso, Warhol, Kahlo, need I say more? I absolutely recommend this exhibition, it is one of the best I’ve seen. Being an artist, it felt like a pilgrimage, a voyage to my ancestral roots. Artist or no, a great day out in Melbourne’s CBD.

Honorable mentions:

1. Holla cafe - Ever had a croffle? I hadn't until a few days ago! hint: it's ice cream sandwiched between a hybridised waffle-croissant and rhubarb compote on the side. Holla inspires a Melbournian gustatory affair, promising your tastebuds a new experience. (They're also licensed if you're after a boozy brunch)!

2. Jungle Juice cafe - The owner has the longest running shop on the infamous Degraves street, known for his killer bagels, which he has been making for eighteen years! I recommend the McBagel (it's basically a bacon and egg bagel, though not basic in its flavour)! 

3. Shag - luscious vintage finds had me drawn like a moth to flame, threads with sequins, bold patterns and prints, tron-like sunglasses and designer pieces from fashion's past. This store is truly a marvel! 


Bring a little Melbourne into your day! As I explored the city, I (of course) had my eye on the jewellery trends. As I trawled through the infamous Finders Keepers market held twice a year at The Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton I noticed Melbournians love their big, chunky, colourful, eclectic pieces! Their jewellery immediately brought our collection Taratata to mind - Designed in France, their eclectic jewellery is intricately hand painted with quirky designs. Make a statement!


taratata Melbourne blog quirky hand painted

1. Square Ladybird Brooch by Taratata
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2Chloé Brooch by Taratata
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3Nationale 7 Necklace by Taratata
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4. Taraboum Cat Ring by Taratata
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5. Colette Dangle Lever Back Earrings by Taratata
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6. Colette Ring by Taratata 
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Do you love Melbourne? Post a comment with your favourite place to go!